Dear Class of 2014, 

You have the chance to shine,
You better blind the whole world!

That was my yearbook quote, a Transplant lyric. It was 10 years ago this year I graduated from beautiful high school in Vermonty and went on to Manhattan, NYC to start my photography adventure. Ahh, nostalgia. And, feeling a little old, but not uncool! ;) 
Please seize every opportunity you can. Get out of your comfort zone, meet crazy people, do crazy (yet safe) things, make unbelievable memories! This is your time to shine! You are intelligent, dazzling, ambitious, full of life & youth with endless possibilities!

Here at CKPhoto we are proud to spotlight our beautiful high school seniors in this light. They are one of my favorite subjects to photograph and I am totes in love with all my senior sessions! There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling then capturing the grace, beauty, curiosity and edge of each and every high school senior. I have been doing it since 2003, when I photographed my own and other classmates. I truly believe this is what turns my gears as a photographer.

Watch out Juniors! Be on the look out for Model Search and Recruitment for The Class of 2015! 
CKPhoto is taking bookings NOW for June 2014!

Here are some finished, custom designed graduation announcements from Erin. So proud of her last year of high school and looking forward to seeing her shine on at college in Vermont!

front, horizontal layout.

front & back vertical layout.