Native Vermonter, Andrew Cunningham has a few "projects" he has undertaken over the past 10 years. One of them includes co-founding WISER, Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. The very first graduating class will be celebrating this Friday, March 07th! 

Every single girl leaving WISER has passed their exams and now more than half of them qualify for university! This is history being made since in the last 20 years, NO GIRL has gone on to university. 

It is truly a blessing and a gift to watch my amazing, best friend, Andy undertake this project, from the ground up. (I remember when he told us about buying the land!) The trips, the hours, the stories, the hurdles, the leaps and bounds he has done for these girls, this beautiful school and for international education where women need it most, has been the most incredible journey.  

Every year when we meet, he is always a little more grounded, glowing and radiating with LIFE and I know it comes from his heart and this special place in Africa.

Donations are still welcome, which will go to the 1st graduation class!

Please visit them on social media and follow their amazing FIRST YEAR GRADUATION:
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To the girls, teachers, faculty and members of WISER: We are cheering you on from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! SHINE ON!
To my beautiful Andy, both inside and out, you make me SO proud and set the bar! 
This photo collection is for you. XOXO