You all came to me with beautiful stories of loved ones, superstar status family members, hectic lives, long distance families, recent tragedies, and joyous celebrations; Stories that had me in tears and so proud to call an amazing community like Rutland, Vermont my home. 
Laurie and Jim's story was submitted by their thoughtful daughter, Pam. 
I woke up hours after posting to read this in my inbox:

"Well... within the past year, my family has overcome many obstacles. My dad lost his job and my mom has beat the odds and kicked cancer's butt. They continued to stay positive and thankful for every opportunity and moment presented to them. 

My mom powered through months of chemotherapy and radiation while keeping her business running, personally training clients, teaching spinning, and making time for her friends and family. She has continued to inspire people within the community and beyond. Her inner strength and determination provides motivation and courage to each person she comes in contact with. She continues to be selfless and donates money, time, food, toys, etc. to those in need.

My dad has remained strong and courageous throughout each chemotherapy treatment, each week of unsuccessful job hunting, and each day of caring for other members of my family. He continues to donate his time, money, and positive spirit to help those around him. My dad keeps a smile on his face and humor in his heart no matter the situation. He doesn't give up or let things keep him down. My father's wisdom, humor, and strength helped me work through everything this past year.

My parents haven't let one thing stop them from staying positive and being thankful for everything they have. They continue to laugh a lot, live happily, and love immensely. Their love for one another is stronger than ever and they have taught me that when bad things happen to good people, the good people still come out on top. Despite all the ups and downs this year has presented, my parents remained strong and happy. To me, they represent everything I want to be and then some."

 I had the honor and privilege of spending time with Jim and Laurie before the session in our consultation, and camera in hand or not, I could have spent the entire afternoon with them. They are so beautiful, inside and out, so in love - they even still laugh and flirt like teenagers! It was a warm, loving energy. I left the session feeling so fulfilled, and have bawled my eyes out editing the past few weeks. I am so excited to share these intimate and touching images with you all and applaud their humble 'everything happens for a reason' outlook! So much love, and cheers to a warm, bright and fierce 2014! XOXO