Yes, yes. Big, BIG life changes have been happening for both Colette & Colette Kulig Photography. Though I have loved Sweden, living there, meeting the people, photographing them and studying the beautiful language, I decided to branch out and reach my full potential in Los Angeles with an old photo friend from Boston days.

Together we will start a partnership in weddings, which is something we have fallen in love with, and will craft a name for ourselves from the ground up.

In the meantime, Colette Kulig Photography is based out of Studio City, California, (and as always, available for projects, worldwide).

Before leaving Sweden, I decided to marry the swedish man of my dreams. We have had a grueling, yet patient-testing long distance relationship for nearly 5 years. The thought of being separated yet again was too hard to face, so we decided to make it official and tie the knot.

Two weeks after the magical day, I left him and Sweden. Paper work has been started and soon ready for submission! Not knowing when we will see each other again is heartbreaking, however, knowing that we belong to each other is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

Our wedding was very simple and small. Our closest friends and few family came to witness it at Rådhuset in Malmö, Sweden. I was so fortunate to find an incredible swedish photographer, who's work I am head over heels for; Lina Arvidsson

 I am so pleased to share these images, of our wedding. Our deepest thank yous to our family and friends for a magical and memorable day. XOXO


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