Photo School Graduate : One Decade Later

10 years ago this time i graduated photo school. i have posted before about dear photo school and you can read all that and see old work from previous entries here:

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but let's showcase some day in the life - the parties, the people, the photoshoots, my bedroom & most importantly my 2 eyeshadow colors: black & white. boston was mine, i was 19 on the verge of 21 and i wanted to be at every show, drink every amaretto sour & get the next pretty girl for next week's homework assignment. xoxo



Black & White Bride // Mountain Top Inn, Chittenden Vermont // Caitlin & Matt // September 15, 2016

i don't think i will forget watching caitlin get into her wedding dress - 

do the words "BA-BAMM" ring a bell?

i don't think i will forget the first words out of the officiant's mouth when she arrived to the alter -

"well! aren't you just a tall glass of.... water!"

caitlin is an all around knock out and matt scored big on the bride lotto with this ticket!

i couldn't help myself selecting these images and how glamorous, classic and stunning they showcase this september bride.

here is a black and white highlight of caitlin, our stunning bride who married at the mountain top inn to the love of her life, matt.





Sidney & Ben's Wedding // April 21, 2017 // Hellenic Center, Ipswich MA

ben sat next to me in the 3rd grade as the new kid. ben was into soccer, art and laughing. we became "music buddies" in middle school and have remained connected since, sending each other music, from burned cd's to dropbox mp3s, to youtube links and videos of bands. we also studied video production in high school and teamed up to make a rad documentary of the local art gallery in rutland, vt. (remember that one, ben!?)

sidney came into the picture a decade ago to be exact. i remember ben would talk about her when we would grab beers over the holidays through the college years, and after meeting her, it felt like she had been missing all along. they met in college, both graphic designers (i know, i know, everyone all together : AWWNNN!) she was sweet, adorable, welcoming, warm, genuine and damnnnnn girl's got style!  

over the years i always have looked forward to ben & sidney hangouts during the holidays - they are the perfect balance for each other, laid back yet always down for an adventure and such beautiful people inside and out. i can't help but get a little teary-eyed looking at these images as i post this with the sheer joy and love i feel for them, starting their new chapter in life as husband and wife! they chose the most beautiful venue, the hellenic center in charming ipswich massachusetts, which included old friends and familiar faces, and our very own colby shaw doing the honor of marrying these two souls with the most beautiful spoken words at a wedding ceremony. 

the biggest hugs and kisses from your rutland townie for life! welcome our dear sidney! XOXOXO



Venue // Hellenic Center

Caterer // Vinwood Catering

Florist // Style This Shindig

DJ // Sky Entertainment

Bridal Dress // Moonlight

photo assistant // Alessia LoGrasso